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Vega is a preferred partner for custom test item writing and associated services. Vega creates test items for many of the leading test publishing companies worldwide. Vega has extensive experience in creating items that map to the objectives specified by various states in the United States.

Vega has extensive experience in writing test items for K12, College Admission, Certification and Licensing topics. Vega’s test item writing capabilities are well known in the industry and have been acknowledged for creativity, ability to meet objectives, accuracy, timely delivery and large scale delivery capabilities.


Vega provides custom test item writing services in Math, Science and English Language disciplines, for grades 3 to 12.

Vega has earned a reputation for delivering high quality test and item development services to its worldwide clients. Vega has a team of trained test item writers, project managers, content editors, and graphic artists to provide large-scale assessment writing services for clients.

Vega's teams of professionals write test items based on the objectives laid out by clients. Vega has experience in writing test items that map to state standards, and has written items for over 14 states in the United States.

In addition to writing the test items, Vega provides rationales for each item. These rationales serve as an aid to finding out common errors made by test takers. They also help teachers as they administer and evaluate tests.

The test items written by Vega are carefully targeted at the recommended level for each grade. In those areas where appropriate, particularly for the lower grades, graphics are used to make the test items more lucid.

Vega’s ELA team has expertise in designing and writing passages as well as associated items for K-12.

Vega is one of the few professional assessment-writing firms that have the capability to provide professional, computer based art along with test items.

In addition to test item writing, Vega will help in reviewing items for accuracy, language and meeting objectives in the blueprint.

College Admission

Vega offers services to develop tests designed to measure skills and knowledge required in a wide range of subject areas.

Vega offers test item writing services in areas such as Reading comprehension, English Verbal reasoning, Quantitative reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, and Logical reasoning that are needed for college admission examinations.

Vega has expertise in developing test items for examinations like GRE®, GMAT®, SAT®, PCAT®, LSAT®, PSAT® and ACT®.


Vega has experience in developing test items for US state-specific professional examinations such as:
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Mortgage
  • Business Law

The test developers at Vega comply with state-specific standards and codes to write knowledge and application level test items.


Vega has experience in creating test items for technology topics including:
  • Microsoft .Net
  • Microsoft Systems
  • Microsoft Office
  • JAVA
  • Oracle
  • General Technology Topics

Vega’s test items are used by clients for skills assessments as well as part of post assessments in e-Learning courses.

Assessment Art

Vega has capabilities to provide specialized art services related to assessment content. Vega’s full-time graphic artists have expertise in designing illustrations related to test items. The illustrations can be simple line drawings that can be used for computer based as well as paper-and-pencil tests, as well as advanced illustrations.

Instructor Support Services

Vega has experience in providing instructor support services for educational and testing programs worldwide. Vega’s highly qualified instructors will respond to student inquiries by email and provide live support using interactive software. Vega’s experts will also score essay questions, and help guide students who require instructor assistance.