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Vega is a leading provider of test questions for industries worldwide.

Test item writing is a specialized skill that requires understanding of psychometrics, subject matter knowledge and understanding of the level of the candidates who are taking the tests. Vega has a team of talented test item writers who write test questions for a number of clients in India and abroad. Vega’s tests are used by millions of candidates worldwide for screening candidates, education and certifications.

Use of tests that are not written by professionals will result in unqualified candidates slipping through the screening process in your firm. Vega’s tests are written by highly specialized professionals having years of experience in this field.

Talent Assessments

Vega offers an easy solution for companies that are interested in purchasing tests that can be administered using simple paper and pencil administration method. Vega has a large test bank of aptitude and skills tests. Vega’s product management team can also customize the tests for you based on your requirements. The advantage of using Vega’s tests is that you will be able to buy high quality tests from a test specialist who understands the art and science of writing tests, while you focus your attention on hiring qualified candidates.

Skills Assessments

Vega has experience in creating high quality skills assessments for clients worldwide. Vega has a number of ready-made skills assessments that can be used to test candidates during hiring process, project readiness tests or certification tests or test at the end of training sessions. Please contact Vega for a list of available tests.

K12 Tests

Vega has significant competence in creating high quality test items in K12 Math, Science and English. Vega has ready-made test items for grades K3 – 12. Vega has a team of test item writers that can customize the test items to suit the client requirements.

If you require specialized tests that are not in our inventory, please check with Vega regarding our custom test item writing services.

For further details regarding our tests and test solutions, please contact us at Email:

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