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Why work at Vega?
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Vega is looking for outstanding performers who want to be a crucial part of a rapidly growing company. To be a Vega team member, you need to have a burning desire to make a difference, to be part of a high performance team, and to take risks in the pursuit of excellence. If you are a young experienced professional who is interested in the field of assessments and test item writing, Vega provides tremendous opportunity to build a unique and exciting career.

Why work at Vega?

Working at Vega can be rewarding in many ways. Our commitment to employee success ensures that you:

  • Work on the latest assessment development projects
  • Work among smart people in the industry
  • Get a good blend of hands-on problem solving and intellectually stimulating academic experience

  • All employees are given necessary decision-making leverage to achieve results
  • Teamwork is rewarded and supported at all levels
  • Vega is committed to acquiring the best tools and support systems necessary to make our employees successful.

Current Openings

Position: Test Item Developers

Develop test questions in the areas of Math, Science and English for the US school market.

Job Profile: Candidates must have the ability to create test questions for K-12 Math, Science and English Language, research-oriented content, white papers and blueprints for educational institutions and publishing companies.

Skills Required: Candidates must have strong academic skills with superior command over English language. Preference will be given to graduates with teaching experience and post graduate degrees in Science, Mathematics, English, Education, Psychology, or Journalism.

Prior experience in assessment development will be a definite advantage, but not essential for the open positions.


Rekha Eapen, Vega Information Systems


Position: Graphic Designer

Vega is interviewing candidates interested in providing illustrations for children’s education content. The graphic designer will work closely with content developers at Vega to create custom illustrations for school content.

Job Profile: Candidates with experience in multimedia technologies and interest in creating 2D illustrations for children’s educational topics.

Skills Required: Graphics creating and editing applications, Microsoft Office


Rekha Eapen, Vega Information Systems