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Vega is a world leader in providing custom test item writing services for K12, College Admission, Certification and Licensing. Vega’s assessment writing services are sought after by the leading test publishing and educational content publishing companies worldwide. Vega has teams of test item writers, reviewers, editors and graphic artists who work together to deliver test items for clients in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.


Vega has launched a Mathematics Center of Excellence at its office, and has capabilities for developing formative and summative assessment items mapping to state standards. The company has developed over 20,000 Mathematics test items that are administered to millions of students worldwide.

Vega’s English Language and Arts team has capabilities to develop K-12 Reading Comprehension passages and associated items that map to state standards.

Vega has capabilities to create items for Science topics including Life Science, Physical Science and Earth Science. The items are designed to meet the objectives of State Education Standards.

Vega has capabilities to create test items for College Admission examinations. Some of the leading test preparation companies use Vega’s services to create test items and curriculum guides to help prepare students for College Admission.

Vega’s test item developers also create test items for the Certification and Licensing industry. Vega’s item writers have created test items for topics include Real Estate, Insurance, Mortgage and Law.


Vega was incorporated in Illinois, USA in the year 2000 with the mission of providing services and technology to the e-Learning and assessment industry. In 2001, Vega made a strategic decision to move technology and content development operations to India. The company is focused on providing the assessment content writing services to publishing companies in the US, Canada and UK.

In April 2001, Vega was incorporated in Bangalore, India. Over the years this operation has developed into a world-class research and development center for custom assessments for a wide range of topics including K-12, College Admission, Certification and Licensing. Vega has become a leading company focused on writing large scale assessments for test publishers worldwide.


Vega is led by a team of technical and management professionals. Their rich and diverse experience in delivering quality test-item writing services worldwide drives Vega's success.

Rekha Eapen
Rekha is the director of operations and leads the Mathematics program at Vega. She has extensive experience in development of assessment items for worldwide clients. Rekha has a BSc and MSc in Mathematics, as well as MS in Computer Science from Northern Illinois University.


At Vega, we strive for a position of leadership in the core areas of our business. Built on a foundation of integrity, quality and customer satisfaction, we are advancing steadily, while we remain committed to the three keystones of our success.

Commitment to our Customers - Our goal is to deliver products and services to our customers based on the following core values:

  • Provide the highest quality service
  • Adhere to highest ethical standards
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Be accountable individually and collectively
  • Innovate and Lead

Commitment to our employees - We will provide an enriching atmosphere where employee contributions are recognized and rewarded. We embrace a culture where the individual is valued and respected; where every employee can look forward to working with empowering tools and technologies, amongst the best professionals in the field, and have real opportunities for professional growth.

Commitment to our community - We will strive to play a leadership role in enhancing the quality of life of the community that we live and serve.